Like Many Other Big Cities, The City Of Cleveland Has Challenging

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Like many other big cities, the city of Cleveland has challenging healthcare issues. Even with some of the greatest healthcare systems in the nation, Cleveland faces many challenges in healthcare. The rising hospital admissions, disease side effects and the needs for health management are in great demand. The city of Cleveland has a high poverty level, along with higher than average persons who are unemployed and people with lower median incomes. The people in Cleveland are living with chronic diseases and there has been increase in hospital stays, mentally ill patients and people using the government systems because they are under or uninsured for health care. With the high poverty level and unemployment levels there are more and more…show more content…
Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016). Healthcare Reform in my State Patient protection affordable care act in Ohio allowed citizens to enroll in the program to receive affordable health care. The law was signed in March and by the end of April 154,668 Ohio residents had enrolled in PPACA programs ( 2017). The popularity of enrollment continued and by the fall of 2014 over 646,000 people in Ohio had new healthcare ( 2017). In Ohio, people were paying an average of $121.00 per month; this was higher than the national average which was $82.00 per month ( 2017). Ohio is one of the seven states that participate in plan management. Plan management allows patients to be covered under some degree of PPACA and also be eligible for Medicare ( To encourage people to find what works for them and to find the lowest cost, highest quality insurance the information is contained onto websites and easy to read forms and citizens can enroll online at ( Positive Outcomes The positive outcomes of PPACA are that medical personalities and hospital systems began working together through use of electronic medical systems; a patient who is a poor historian can still have an accurate medical chart with important information pertinent to their care. Another positive is that people that were uninsured and underinsured have begun to receive coverage to help reduce the costs of their medical out of pocket spending. Also

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