Like Many Other Hospitals In The Nation, The Queen'S Medical

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Like many other hospitals in the nation, the Queen 's Medical Center (QMC) still has some semi-private rooms, holding two patients in a room with only two curtains separating them apart. Vocal sounds can easily travel from one portion of the room to the other section of the room. As with other hospitals, QMC also started the practice of bedside reporting, where the outgoing nurse gives an end of shift report to the incoming nurse in the patient 's room. As medical providers, nurses are entrusted with a vast amount of medical information regarding their patients and are expected to keep this information in a confidential manner. However, with bedside reporting, any staff who is inexperienced with this practice or nurses who are in a rush…show more content…
The nurse kept answering Patient B that they needed her bed because she was no longer telemetry monitored and the bed was required to monitor another cardiac patient. Patient B, thinking that she was the first patient in that room and Patient A is no longer telemetry monitored also, responded by asking why can 't Patient A be move instead. The nurse abruptly replied, "Due to the possibility of Patient A having C-diff, we have to move you as a precautionary measure." This explanation occurred within the earshot of Patient A. Patient A became visibly upset and tearful, and vocalized that she believes her rights to privacy of her medical condition were violated. Patient B was moved to another room within the same unit. Subsequently, Patient A asked for another nurse to be assigned to her. However, to add fuel to the flame, in the process of providing bedside report to the replacement nurse, the outgoing nurse mentioned Patient A 's new cancer diagnosis in front of Patient A 's family. The patient, once again became visibly upset and tearful because she hadn 't had the chance to talk to her family about her terminal cancer diagnosis after speaking with her physician earlier that morning. On several occasions, the patient complained about her privacy being violated and threatened to file a lawsuit against the nurse and QMC for violating her rights. Subsequently, the charge nurse, nursing supervisor and floor manager were notified of the
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