Like Water For Chocolate By Alfonso Arau

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Like Water For Chocolate was directed by Alfonso Arau and released in the year nineteen-ninety-two. The movie is based on Laura Esquivels 's novel 'Como Aqua Para Chocolate '. The movie is set in Mexico during the early nineteen hundreds. There are many influential characters in the movie such as Tita De La Garza, Madame Elena, and Pedro Murquiz. The movie is narrated by Tita 's great niece.

Tita, the youngest daughter of Madame Elena was hopelessly in love with Pedro Murquiz however, she is destined never to marry because of a family tradition. In early Mexican tradition, the youngest daughter was to stay single and care for her mother until her death. From an early age, Tita ad Pedro had an unbreakable chemistry; as time goes on, their love for one another would only grow stronger despite family traditions. Poor Tita had to live with the fact that she could not marry and is forced to keep her feelings for Pedro hidden; her body aches for Pedro and she longs to be with him yet, is not allowed. Pedro returns Tita 's feelings and even requests to marry her, unfortunately Mama Elena denies his request. Instead an arrangement is agreed upon for Pedro to marry Tita 's older sister Rosaura. Knowing that this will break Tita 's heart, Pedro believes that by marrying Rosaura, this will keep him close to Tita. Tita is in constant agony and yet tries to move on with her life however, she cannot because on a daily basis she interacts with both Rosaura and Pedro. Because Tita
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