Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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Everyone has a family, no matter if they are blood related or not. Each member of a family has a good, neutral, or even bad relationship with another family member as well. In Laura Esquivel’s novel, Like Water for Chocolate, the reader sees the different relationships between the family, especially with the mother, and how the family 's relationship in the story is so much more different than a “regular” family. You would think that every family is the same, where there is a father, a mother, and the kids, but in this novel, we see how this is not an ordinary family. The reader sees how the head of the household, which is Mama Elena, treats each of her daughters with equal harshness and aggressiveness. During the story we see the daughters, Tita, Chencha, Rosura, and Gertrudis dealing with living under their mother 's rule. There is of course a reason for Mama Elena to treat her daughters this way, such as family traditions, and how it affects the household’s life and where it stands. Family relationships, especially the mother-daughter relationship is very important , because the rise and collapse of their relationships is pretty much what makes up the majority the story, and how it affects the characters lives.
In general, most people do not like to get themselves involved each others problems, especially when there is problems at home. For one reason or another, the sibling who witnesses another sibling being treated poorly, such as getting yelled at, does not want get
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