`` Like Water For Chocolate `` By Laura Esquivel

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Laura Esquivel writes that “There are still some natural forces that everybody understands.” These forces are emotions and experiences that everyone faces, but these moments are not new, they are felt by all humans. In the novel, Like Water for Chocolate, Esquivel frequently uses magical elements to find similar experiences that the reader can relate to with characters in the book. She uses common emotions, sadness, jealousy and love, which are felt by everyone to convey how similar all human experiences are. The frequent use of magical realism works to show universal human experiences through exaggeration of realistic events, making them appear as magical, therefore drawing attention to emotions and circumstances that are relatable to…show more content…
Esquivel also uses hyperbole and the fantastic elements accepted as realistic by exaggerating the immense quantity of tears and how Tita was born on a wave of them. Having a common experience or emotional reaction with a character makes it easier for the reader to connect to them. Many people have experienced heartbreak, allowing them to relate to the deep sadness Tita felt, as Nacha and Tita “wept until there were no more tears in Tita’s eyes”. (30) The word choice and magical elements Esquivel uses helps readers to understand and relate to the archetype of tears and sadness. Through the use of tears in Like Water for Chocolate, magical realism shows readers how experiences are felt universally.
Envy and jealousy are a person 's desire to have a trait, ability, status, or situation that another person possesses. A desire to become like another person or want what another person has is inevitable, since no two people are the completely alike. In Like Water For Chocolate, Laura Esquivel expresses the universal feeling of jealousy through Rosaura and her relationship with Tita. As the nemesis or challenger of Tita, Rosaura is extremely jealous of the relationship that Tita and Pedro share. Jealousy is the type of feeling that eats up a person from the inside, and often consumes his or her every thought and action. This is the same case with Rosaura, as she even resorts to creating a
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