Like Water For Chocolate Symbolism Essay

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Moms, where would we be without them? Well in Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel this question is answered through the perspective of different characters. Placed during the Mexican Revolution Tita, the protagonists, fights traditional roles in society for women and challenges oppressive traditions that go back many generations. While on other hand her mom, Mama Elena, tries to keep the same conservative lifestyle that had been lived for generation and she hopes will continue for generations. These polar opinions clash in Like Water For Chocolate and with the aid of symbolism Laura Esquivel showcases how these two ways of thinking are transcendent of human nature. Laura Esquivel uses symbolism to comment on what it means
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In May it is said how Mama Elena, Tita’s mother, held her own against the rebels using a shotgun in order to protect Tita, Chencha(the house-maid), and the ranch. When the rebels confront her she is told to step aside but she doesn’t and holds her ground against the leader. The leader at a lost for words looks Mama Elena in the eye and notices that Mama Elena is not an individual to be reckoned with and so he commands his troops to follow Mama Elena’s orders and only take what is outside. “They fell prisoner to a childlike fear of maternal authority”(pg 90). The rebels and their leader coward from Mama Elena out of fear of being punished by her; as if they were her children. Furthermore this shows how Mama Elena’s strict and stern attitude not only puts fear in her daughters but also puts the same exact fear in those who challenge her. By Mama Elena putting fear into anyone that challenges this shows that she may not be caring but uses her power to shape individuals into what she thinks is best. Therefore this shows that Mama Elena uses fear as power over her daughters in order to shape them into “proper” women. Another example of how Mama Elena’s actions are perceived by other people is
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