Like Water For Chocolate Symbolism

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Love is always fun, something that’s usually between two people, but what happens when someone or something doesn’t agree with this love and tries to get between it? This is something seen in the novel Like Water For Chocolate by the author Laura Esquivel. The novel is about an all women mexican family with strict traditions in a world of magical realism. Throughout the story, the main character Tita and her future niece struggle with a specific tradition that prevent them from being with the person they love. The magical realism in the book helps to further understand the symbolism used by the author. Laura esquivel uses symbolism to comment on the nature of true love and how it will overcome any obstacle to ignite happiness.

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At the end of the story the love between Alex and Esperanza succeeds. They marry after they were allowed to since Esperanza’s mother passed. This is shown in the quote, “From miles away, neighbors watched in spectacle, thinking it was fireworks celebrating the wedding of alex and esperanza”(245). People believed this show of lights in the air was for celebration. People perceived it as happiness of the union of Alex and Esperanza’s love for eachother. There’s something that ignites when love is let to be between two people. In the case of Alex and Esperanza, it was great happiness to finally leave the tradition. An amazing spectacle that is the sight and the feeling of being together with the person you love. One last love was let to be in the end of the story. This was tita’s love towards pedro since her mom died as well. She was now free of any tradition that was holding her love for Pedro back. They released their love in an intense way, shown in the quote, “at that moment the fiery bodies of Pedro and Tita began to throw off glowing sparks… the dark room was transformed into an erupting volcano”(245). This quote describes the intense feeling of freedom that Pedro and Tita felt when allowed to love each other. Tita and Pedro got to a level of ecstasy thanks to the overwhelming feeling of liberation after they were finally free to love each other. This represents the…show more content…
Laura Esquivel, through this book makes us realize what true love is and what it feels like. Through symbols makes us see that true love will always have barriers to break through. Also how true love will survive anything trying to get in its way if it actually brings happiness and will give off more of it. Laura Esquivel’s comment on the nature of true love just models what it’s like to have true love being attacked to made not work but overcoming that to
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