Like Water for Chocolate

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Like Water for Chocolate (Tradition)

I just finished reading a great book called Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquiviel. Food is a major part of the story, and it is somewhat obvious as the title itself is about food. The novel carries many of the culinary traditions that Mexicans find very important in their culture. Mexican women play a big role in domestic life and must know how to prepare food. The ability of Mexican women to create dishes for every occasion is one that has become a great tradition in Mexico. This is a romance tragedy novel that takes place in Mexico during the Revolution. It is a tale of true love, family traditions and family secrets. This book is very unique and unlike other books because the book is
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Another quote that I enjoyed as well was “With that meal it seemed they had discovered a new system of communication, in which Tita was the transmitter, Pedro the receiver, and poor Gertrudis the medium, the conducting body through which the singular sexual message was passed.” I believe at this time once they tried Tita’s cooking they all had strong emotions for love. Tita’s cooking helped Tita and Pedro have even stronger feelings for each other while Gertrudis was completely desperate for love, which caused her later in the novel to run away, while she felt her body burning from heat.
Like Water for Chocolate became one of my favorite books since the first time I read it. The magic of the story transformed the way I saw cooking, especially Mexican cuisine. I could smell, and almost taste, every dish prepared in De La Garza family kitchen. The story is one of the few that has been able to fill all my senses with every chapter. It seems to me that the central message, of this story is personal freedom. A simple doctrine that we each hold the keys to our own destiny, and for us to try to control the lives of others is an unnatural act, and morally wrong. Esquivel’s
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