Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

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Out of many things that differ human beings from the rest of the living world one might mention our remarkable ability to be engaged in verbal interaction. Indeed, the notion of language as we know it is not found anywhere beyond the boundaries of the human society. However, one should also note that this peculiar ability to gave birth to other important aspect of our life, namely our vivid imagination. This, it will not be an exaggeration to suggest that our inner world is what truly makes us humans. There is a word of art in which these two characteristic abilities are combined. Literature allows a writer to use all the potential of the language and set fantasy free. Sometimes this takes peculiar forms, such as authors incorporating certain fantasy elements in to narration about real life. This genre of literature is usually referred to as magical realism. As can be easily understood from the very name, the authors that adhere to it, try to describe real life as it is, with all the positive and negative elements of it; however, in the course of their narration, they may engage various fantastic elements which put emphasis on particular aspects of the story or contribute to its development. Magical realism in Like Water for Chocolate is an irreplaceable element of the story, without which it would not have become as amusing as well as interesting and unable to convey the message that was designed by the author. To begin with, one might examine a particular instance of magic
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