Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

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Personal freedom is an inalienable right that everyone deserves. It is a powerful idea that provides courage for those who are afraid, infuses hope to those who are desperate, and grants strength to those who are oppressed. However, for the idea to come to reality, one must be mature enough to embrace and act upon it. The novel Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel tells the story of Tita, a young girl who lives under the iron fisted rule of Mama Elena. From a young inexperienced girl, to a full grown and independent woman, Tita fights against Mama Elena’s rules before and after her death, in order to make her own choice about herself. Through her struggle for freedom, Tita molds herself into a mature woman. At the beginning of the…show more content…
Her maturity grows immensely from this minor action, as she realizes that she can have full control of herself if she wants to, and the limitations Mama Elena imposed on her is wrongful, and must be revolted against. This marks the beginning of Tita’s quest to her ultimate freedom. As Tita begins to realize the benefits in rebel against Mama Elena’s rule, she begins to take more radical action and takes control of her own life. This clearly display the progress Tita makes towards maturity and independency. After Mama Elena’s heartless response to Tita upon hearing the death of Roberto, who Tita dearly loves, Tita is pushed over the edge, and blames Mama Elena: “‘here’s what I do with your orders! I’m sick of them! I’m sick of obeying you!’” (99). This is the first time in the novel that Tita openly rises up against Mama Elena’s rule, and speaks about her heart. Before this incident, she does not have enough courage to stand up to Mama Elena. However, after the only thing that she lives for has died, like a surge of electricity to a light bulb, Mama Elena’s careless attitude towards the baby drives Tita to take a big step in her journey to become an independent woman. Although she does this out of rage, nonetheless, it shows her that the ability to decide one’s own fate serves a greater role in one’s life than obeying
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