Likely Problems for the Huanghe Hydropower Golmud Solar Park

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Problems likely to face the Huanghe Hydropower Golmud Solar Park System design flaws The statistical table of photovoltaic power generation in Golmud area was reported by the power company of Qinghai province in March, 2012: there are several photovoltaic power station generating capacity was even zero in the first two months. Apparently, systems of parts of stations had the design problems, such as no stability control device; lack of power forecasting or signal impassability; the insulation does not meet the requirements. For example, cable explosion problem, some design companies usually use the three core cable, however, according to the supervision experience, the explosion problem is more easily to be caused by this cable. Solutions: Since the lack of experience in the design department, and without considering the special geological environment of Qinghai, they will leave many hidden dangers for the follow-up operation of Golmud solar power stations. Problems of Golmud geological corrosive, high altitude, and wind, must be realized by the system design department. Actually, on the basis of the geological prospecting report, some design institutes think, that there is no requirement to build some special anti-corrosion systems. However, according to the experience of supervision company in Qinghai, to be designed for anti-corrosion of the bracket and foundation is necessary, because of the erosion is enough heavy. Moreover, system design and supervision departments

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