Likert Scales Are Used For Public Healthcare Evaluation

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The Likert Scale
Likert Scales are commonly used in public healthcare evaluation. They can be used to assess a community’s knowledge regarding a health topic or an issue of major concern in the community. Likert scale surveys are used to measure the attitude of a person toward a particular subject matter (McLeod, 2008). The main objective in using the Likert scale is to measure attitudes by asking people to respond to a series of statements about a topic (McLeod, 2008).The survey is used to determine to what degree a person agrees or disagrees with the topic. Respondents are allowed to choose one option that best suits their opinion. The responses are intended to measure attitudes or opinions. The scale measures levels of agree and disagreement. A Likert scale presumes that an attitude can be measured on a scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The survey consists of 5 or 7 questions.
Construction of a Likert Survey
A typical scale may be “strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, and strongly agree”. (Losby & Wetmore, 2012). If a person is neutral towards a subject matter there may be a response, neither agree nor disagree. Each of the responses holds a numerical value in order for the responses to be measured. Likert Scale surveys are best summarized using a median or mode. The observations are best displayed using a bar chart (McLeod, 2008). It is important to offer anonymity to avoid results from being skewed.
Likert scales have several characteristics.
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