Likert’S 4 System Approach Was Published In 1961, And Likert

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Likert’s 4 System Approach was published in 1961, and Likert argues for what he considers is a “generalized theory of organization” (Mumby 100). Likert sums it up that all organizations can be summarized into one of four systems. Each of these systems reflect a certain leadership style reflected in an organization and they also consist of 7 dimensions. The seven dimensions are as follows; employee motivation, the characterization of the communication process, the interaction-influence process, decision making process, the type of goal setting, the control processes and its performance characteristics.
Likerts 4 System Approach consists of the Exploitive-authoritative approach, Benevolent-authoritative, Consultative and Participative.
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On the Plante Moran website they’ve posted their client satisfaction rates that supports our claim. Plante Moran used an independent firm to conduct a survey to the clients that they serve and positive feedback was received. Between 95-99% of their clients agreed that they would recommend Plante Moran to other people and companies, they across the board agreed that the staff at Plante Moran are trustworthy, courteous and professional. The staff is responsive and takes the time to build relationships with clients. The staff at Plante Moran are industry experts and they demonstrate technical expertise and delivers on their promises. Bottom line, Plante Moran meets all the needs of their clients.
Throughout their customer focused ideology, and being a participative system approach Plante Moran has succeeded and strengthened their company wholly. They hold a 13% turnover rate when the industry standard is 15%, and the communication processes within Plante Moran keeps projects on track and promotes a healthy relationship with the staff and clients equating to higher productivity organizationally- wide. According to Mumby, Likert advocated specifically for the participative approach because it “most effectively taps into human resources and is the most productive organizational system” (Mumby 101)
1. Create an informal support group or type of dialogue
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