Likes: A Poem Analysis

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It’s Shyheim the young beat maker an ill line sayer and you a candy rapper henceforth now and later. Nestle crunching this beat but you blessed it’s Payday but with Zero bars you just a Sugar Baby. Just watch this StarBurst cause I’m a winner and you’s a dude left swiped on Tinder. Going Social Media so it’s time for Likes so don’t be lurking back 82 weeks at night. If you hit that button then I know you watching and I will screenshot it and post for the audience. Then we can all see that you been a fan but you can call hack. We understand. With my rhymes I am on a mission and you are just a Challenger #missing. See that was about Space but you prolly wouldn’t know that. It happened so fast, call it flash #kodak Shyheim! If you’re finished
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