Likes and Dislikes Related to Psychology Essay

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Michelle Rissman
My Love For The Beach
Strayer University
PSY 105
July 26, 2012

Psychology plays a role in each persons life. Liking or disliking something is based on each person. The reasons we like or dislike something have psychological reasons. I will discuss my love for family beach days and why I love family beach days. Through this explanation it will be easy to determine how psychology plays a role in how and why.
The amazing smell of salt, wetness, and greasy food. The sounds of crashing waves, seagulls and children's cachinnation. On a hot sunny day, there is absolutely nothing better to do, then spend a day on the beach with family. As a child, my most unrivaled memories are days chasing waves. It is both
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Perception decodes our sensations, so that we can interpret them internally. I must have a good reaction to the feel of gritty sand in my toes, the hot sun and cool salty water on my skin. Each of those involve my sense of touch. When encountering one or all of them, a signal is sent through my nervous system. Each signal becomes and action potential, the action potential is conducted by neurons that process sensory information (Baron & Kalsher, 2008) . This tells your brain what it is and how you feel about it. How you feel about each sensation will affect you mood.
Further more, how I feel about the things I am encountering will effect my state of consciousness. Being at the beach soothes and relaxes me. It doesn't matter how bad or tiresome my day has been, my mood will ultimately change for the better as soon as I can smell the salty air. My body will be in natural balance with itself. My mood, alertness, and energy level will improve based on the fact that I am enjoying myself. Circadian rhythms are changes in bodily processes occurring within a single day (Baron & Kalsher, 2008) . This is would be an activity that would change your circadian rhythm.
Incidentally, the power of observation is very strong. Reviewing my memories of the beach, I observed all happy people at the beach. It was something my family members would talk about for days before we would actually go. You could conclude that observational
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