Lil Bit Character Analysis

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NAME: Lil Bit

AGE: Changes throughout the play (Age 11 to adulthood)

SOCIAL CLASS: Middle to lower

EDUCATION: Highest that we know of is a freshman in college


RELIGION: Unknown although it can be assumed that they loosely practiced some form of cathalosism


FAMILY SITUATION: A very harsh family life, broken in parts, but close in others. Has an uncle that holds too close of a relationship with her


ERA: Present day

LOCATION: It can be assumed somewhere possibly southern PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS DEPRIVED FROM ABSOLUTE FACTS: Large in the bust area, average looking girl, soft looking

SEX: Female
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ATTITUDES: (TASTES, PREFERENCES, LIKES, DISLIKES, BUTTONS): A button of hers later in the show is when Peck says that he can’t live without her. This is a point for her when all hope of letting him down gently is lost and she has to get through to him. She dislikes the fact that Peck does not pick up on all of the hints she lays right in front of him. She doesn’t respond to his letters and tells him not to send anymore, yet he does not get the picture. She has a taste for knowledge, she wants to be bigger than her family was and go to school to do all the things her family hasn’t.

IDIOSYNCRASIES: She has the tendency to close off at first to an uncomfortable situations, but after the happening moves through her head and she gives it a good thought, she then speaks up.

SOCIAL AND ETHICAL VALUES: She knows that what Peck has been doing to her for all these years is not right, but she needs that support system in her life that the rest of her family is not providing her with. She knows that her uncle is married to her aunt and that they should be in love and that should be enough for him, but she wants so badly to help him. To help him out of his drinking and back in love with his aunt, but she doesn’t have the means to do that.

ACTIONS THESE INSPIRE: The inner struggle of how to handle her
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