Lil Pump Biography

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I get in the car, because i'm on my way to school I load up youtube and start my offline playlist. I hit the song Gucci Gang, by Lil Pump. It starts playing with a upbeat track, I turn up the volume until the car is shaking. Later, as the song reaches the chorus I starting singing “Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang.” My Mom starts talking about what kind of garbage is this. I reply by telling her it's Gucci gang by Lil Pump. She starts blabbing about what kind of name is that, she also complained about his hair and the message it is portaring. As she talks her words fly past my ear and continue singing. Surprisingly my mom starts to join along and sing as well. Isn’t this song Gucci, I tell her. What she responds? Nevermind… We
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