Lil Vert Like Gerald Analysis

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“Lil Vert like Gerald”, the small black speaker blasts as we play three-on-three at the park. It’s 6:45 and I have to leave after this possession, I get the ball, shoot it then drain it. Game over. Although there are many important things in my life, three of the main ones are music, playing sports, and keeping my grades up. At the beginning, music has and always will be an important thing in my life. When I am on a road trip or am doing something that takes an extended period of time, I know I can turn on Spotify and drift into my own world. Also, if I ever feel perturbed or dejected, I can listen to my favorite album and feel great again. Third, music helps me prepare for activities such as football games or school. Lastly, music assists me whenever I’m working on something such as homework or a project for school. Next, participating in sports lets me be myself and will help me throughout my life. Sports have helped me grow into a better leader and gave me the ability to become a better person. If my teammates are ever down or upset about something, I now have the ability to help them recover from it and get ready for the next play or inning. Also, taking part in sports lets me be myself. Whenever I am on a field or a court, I can always do what I do best and forget about everything else in my life.…show more content…
Keeping my grades up will open new doors by expanding my job choices when I graduate high school and college. Also, having high grades will give me the opportunity to be on honor roll and high honor roll. Honor roll gives me a chance to be remembered for my academic abilities. Next, keeping my grades as high as they can be gives me intelligence that I can use in the future for the rest of my life. On top of that, working hard in school will pay off by giving me more opportunities in life and by creating a wider window for success in the future years of my
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