Lilith's Midrash

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Adam is adm(nst) and Earth is adamah (vnst). After Lilith got extremely aggravated with Adam and their dis-likeness, she shouts out Yahweh (YHWH) which is translated into Lord God, and it is so holy that it should remain unspeakable. Due to her speaking out the holy name, it provided proof that she was undeserving of paradise. She sprouts wings and flies off of the earth (even though she was made of the earth, she is not an earthbound) (Gaines NP Online ). Before explaining what Lilith’s, midrash is, it is important to know what exactly a midrash is. A midrash can be described as the last or final word that is given as “explanation” of the Holy Scriptures. The rabbi’s use it as an interpretive act for seeking answers to religious questions
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