Lily Monteverde

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Popcorn and Faith : The “ticket” towards success!

Life is never way too easy to Lily Yu to start with. She came from a Chinese family and born in Manila, Her father is a copra magnate and her mother is a house wife, she had 12 sibling and they were all provided with their needs. They also have a place of their own to call “home” that shelters them which Psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized the basic human needs by suggesting that individuals are motivated to fulfill basic physiological and psychological needs The earliest memory that she had that struck her childhood years was during World War-II where she experienced what it was like not have anything to eat day after day, not to have any food is the worst feeling
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It 's not always that she is written about in a flattering light, and one thing is certain - in the history of Philippine cinema, Mother Lily is a legend in her own right! Her reputation precedes her and no matter what, many people would think they owe their lives to her. Today, she is among the very few who has continued to produce movies even if sometimes her films fail to break even at the box-office, because according to her, filmmaking is her passion and mission in life. The things that she achieved without the help of anybody aside from her husband gave rise to the development of her self-esteem. Now she is ready to reach self-actualization after surpassing all the stages of the hierarchy of needs presented by Abraham Maslow.
Acceptance of self, others, is the nature of Mother Lily Monteverde that helped her reached self-actualization. She is not ashamed or guilty about her human nature, with the short comings of her life, imperfections, frailties, and weaknesses. As of today is a successful producer, mother of Roselle and Meme, and her only son Dondon and a loving wife to Remy Monteverde, being a mother, love and devotion important. “Husbands and wives, they have differences but the most important is the family, the children," Monteverde said. She succeeded as a movie producer because she is very focused in anything she does.
As a self-actualized person she learned to
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