Lily 's Rights Of The Slave Named Lily Penny Wanted Freedom More Than Anyone

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Many slaves would do anything they could to get freedom. One slave named Lily Penny wanted freedom more than anyone, Lily was known for being a rebel. She never stayed in a house for more than a month. No slaveowner wanted to buy her because she would never do as she was told, she would still very expensive items, and if you bought her you had to buy her best friend Mary Grace too. Lily and Mary were together since they were born, they wouldn’t let anyone separate them. One time they were sold to different slaveowners, well let’s just say that didn’t go while. When they got separated they broke every single one of the rules, good thing they didn’t get arrested. They were rebels together, but Lily was more than Mary. No one knew why she was so rebellious, people have many theories about why she may be like that. What they didn 't know was that she was going to be the one to get the all freedom. Lily had a plan, Mary and her were going to escape to Canada. They talked to each other about it, but Mary would not let Lily drag her with her to do this. Lily explained her escape plan to Mary. “We go down to the river and we still one of the paddle boats they have. When we hit the nearest land we get off.” The explained Lily. “No Lily we are going on to get caught, plus how are we going to find out way to Canada?” asked Mary, very annoyed. “Annie,” said Lily, super excited, “she has a map, the same one she gave to those slaves who escaped last night!” explained Lily. “ANNIE?”…

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