Limberlake Wertenbaker Play Analysis

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Plot synopsis (200 words):
Timberlake Wertenbaker structures Our Country’s Good with two core groups: the convicts and the authoritative ship crew. The play centers around crime and punishment, and whether the right punishments are really being issued. It seems that for the crimes being committed, the punishments are too extreme. Wertenbaker’s characters begin to question morality. Members of the crew question if flogging/hanging is really the best form of “entertainment”, and rather putting on a play could possibly provide some healing and redemption for the convicts. Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark heads the production of the play as suggested by the governor. Throughout the duration of the play we encounter convicts, one central convict being, Liz Morden. Her outlook on everything is quite dark, but her participation in the play opens her up and she prevents her own hanging. Eventually, the more the convicts and ship crew involve themselves in the art of theatre, the more united they become, and redemption occurs for all involved. Drama has become a form of consolation and rejuvenation, revealing a more optimistic and bright world, as opposed to former hopeless and gloomy world that the audience first encountered at the beginning of Wertenbaker’s play.

Dialogue (200 words): Is the dialogue believable? Is there variation between characters or do they sound the same?
As a reader of Our Country’s Good, I do not find the dialogue to be completely believable. The play has a
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