Limitation on Animal Testing

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“The reason we use animal tests is because we have a comfort level with the process . . . not because it is the correct process, not because it gives us any real new information.” (Anderson). There have been numerous new developments and technology in our society today, old fashion animal testing should not be the number one experiment to test new products and drugs. Science should be moving forward in technology, where there is cruelty free research and testing. The modern technology, we have today is cheaper and most of the time more effective than animal testing. So why are researchers still using animal testing as their number one source for test trials? There should be a law that prohibits unnecessary animal testing’s and limited the usage if animal testing is absolutely needed after the alternatives have failed in medical research .This would protect the animals’ lives, the environment, save on research dollars, and would improve the health and well-being of humans. Research institutions need to rethink their policies, and support more advance science. Animals are living, breathing emotional beings, and animal experimentation takes a large toll on animal’s life’s. In some cases, researchers try to minimize the pain and suffering experienced by animals in laboratories, but distress is guaranteed in animal experimentation because animals are held in isolated cages, forced to be inserted with disease, inflicted with injury, or killed at the end of the study. Animal
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