Limitations Of Community Policing

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What is community policing? According to Pollock (2017), community policing is the movement in which law enforcement officers create a closer relationship with community leaders to help them solve social problems that are associated with the development of disorder that leads to crime. In community policing, law enforcement is involved in cleaning up graffiti, parks, helping to develop programs, just to name a few. According to Jackson (2005), the communities rely heavily on law enforcement to "protect and serve, " and law enforcement relies on the communities for support and cooperation. However, this has not been the case, and the relationship between the police and the communities have not been harmonious. In recent events relating to policing,…show more content…
The challenge that occurs between minority communities and the police is nothing new to society. Our history has shown events and behaviors that led minority communities to believe that law enforcement will not treat them fairly. Although the road to building community-policing relations is about the communities trusting the police, it is also about law enforcement trusting the communities. Respect and confidence should be mutual, and the problem minorities face today cannot be solved without addressing both sides (Jackson, 2015). A second limitation of community policing is the involvement of the community. According to McKenna, and Culshaw (2009), law enforcement needs to establish trust and partnership with the community. Studies have shown that communities, where law enforcement is involved, proved to be effective in policing. Without the participation of the community, policing will fail. Although some communities may not have the same trust and relationship with law enforcement, however, community policing has come to a long way and communities where there is involvement of the community, trust, and respect has shown to fosters an improved relationship between communities and the
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