Limitations Of Free Speech

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The United States of America has come to be synonymous with the land of the free. This is almost entirely due to the rights granted by the first amendment to the Constitution. Most people would refine that statement further by stating that what truly makes the Unites States free, is the freedom of expression. The ability to speak and do what one pleases is a luxury that the citizens of very few countries enjoy. Americans tend to take this as mark of pride, yet another reason that America is the best; however, the ability to say anything can be extraordinarily harmful. Unfortunately, in the past few years hate speech and “incidents of racist and xenophobic harassment” have expanded (Okeowo). The problem with the unyielding support of free speech in the US is that it allows the law to fail to adequately protect those who are the target of hate speech. Not only does it harm through hate speech, but in a time full of alternative facts, not knowing if something is the truth or not can be detrimental. Because of this, there must be limitations on free speech because the right cause people harm through hate speech cannot outweigh the right to liberty that others have. The biggest argument against limitations on free speech is that of a slippery slope. People fear that when some speech is suppressed, there is nothing to stop other forms from also being suppressed. The fear that those in power, once given the precedent to suppress hate speech, may argue that the speech which

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