Limitations Of Paparazzi By La Dolce Vita

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Brianna Ervin
Ms. Terry
English 12
Hour 8

Limitations of Paparazzi
The term “paparazzi”, defined as “a freelance photographer”, originates from the name “Paparazzo”. In a film, La Dolce Vita, a character that played the photographer was named Paparazzo. This word comes from an Italian word, which describes an annoying noise. The author of the film refers to the noise as a buzzing insect, which is shown as the shutters of the camera. Generally people find insects annoying, and typically their first reaction is to swat! Well, celebrities who are well known seem to find the shutter and also the flash of the camera to also be quite annoying. Most celebrities are aware of pictures taken of them due to fans wanting memories, or even reporters …show more content…

There was Ashley Tisdale who used her dog to hide her face from cameras, also Justin Bieber who used a mask to hide his face. In addition to those celebrities, Katy Perry used a large stuffed donut to hide her face, and Shia Labeouf used a brown paper sack to hide his face. Kanye West has tried walking with his head down to avoid the camera being able to see his face, and ended up bumping his head and causing a huge knot on his forehead. The media often creates a frenzy around famous people regardless of their desire for privacy, as such there should be regulations that ensure the paparazzi, reporters, and fans limitations.
Paparazzi are known as stalkers, people who use the technique of invading others space, and go to any limit possible for pictures to snatch a quick buck. Paparazzi capture photos or video clips of celebrities, and sell them to different publications. The value of captured media could be worth millions depending on the exclusiveness of it. Usually, paparazzi tend to go after media that will have a negative look on celebrities. For example, things that could be embarrassing like being drunk, falling over, not looking their best, having an accident, or breaking the law. Paparazzi work all day and night hoping to capture the perfect moment to get rich. Sometimes they work together, and other times they are in competition with each other.
Many celebrities have assassinated their

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