Limitations Of Standardized Test Scores

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By the time a student has reached their senior year of high school, they have taken a standardized test a great number of times in order to get the score to attend their college of choice. A standardized test is any exam that is given and scored in a predetermined, standard manner. The SAT and ACT are known as standardized aptitude tests (Popham). SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test and ACT stands for American College Testing. The SAT was first given in 1926 and the ACT followed in 1959. Students spend hours preparing and taking these tests only to find out that their score was not good enough in order to go where they want to go. Many students then get frustrated about it and settle for a college where they are not happy. The weight of standardized test scores in the admissions process is unfair to students. All students prepare for the test in some way or another. Some parents will pay hundreds of dollars on test prep class and materials in hopes that their child will succeed on the test and attend a top college. Students come from various economic backgrounds, so parents may not be able to afford the test prep classes and materials but they want their child to succeed and attend college where they want to go. These students still deserve the chance to go to their dream school even though their parents cannot afford the test prep. The children should not be punished just because of their economic situation. A number of universities claim that the test scores help
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