Limitations Of The United States

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Limitations of the Study The study shall be limited by various issues that might affect the level of interpretation of the results. To begin with, there is a significant reality that the people in Venezuela are not as connected to the Internet as some countries in the west. The implication is that the results obtained may not mirror the actual sociological and psychological realities of the people of Venezuela. Furthermore, the value systems that are at the center of the given realities of life in Venezuela may not be represented in any capacity through the social media research and data mining processes. Therefore, the various challenges that are expected in data completeness shall apply and shall be taken note of when the final analysis is done. Secondly, the paper shall focus on the significant attention provided in social media campaigns and their relative effectiveness in providing the necessary information needed for various social action plans. In particular, since I expect a more improved response to my online survey, there is a possibility that we shall have limited understanding of the various issues that affect data collection and the honesty of the people presented. Therefore we shall take the responses we get as the truthful message presented by the different information processing capacities. Limitations of the research may also include the number of people who may have filled the online interview compared to the associations that are included in the general
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