Limitations Of Travelling

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The ability to travel anywhere, whether it is in your own country, or to another place abroad, is a privilege that is sometimes hard for others to accept. Being able to travel can often teach you more than a job, relationship, or a lecture ever will, which is contrary to popular belief. Likewise, it is also most certainly a gift to have the ability to experience the wonders of the outside world. However, there are many people out there who feel that they are not in the position to be able to travel due to various reasons. Reasons such as politics between countries and simply being able to afford traveling are some of the main issues. Authors Natalie Thomas and Hannah Peterson, both addresses the positive reasons of why people should travel. Whereas, Lisa van Beurden and Oneika Raymond comment on the limitations of traveling. Thomas and Peterson, both who are in favor in traveling, has accumulated many reasons why one should travel. They both believe that traveling allows people to "stretch the limits of [their] comfort zone" (Thomas). The authors think that this is beneficial to people because even though they may be immersed in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable surrounding, they will often find something positive to make out in the situation. Ultimately, people will discover new things, be exposed to new cultures and make new connections and friends. Through zip lining through the forests of the Amazon to navigating the streets of Hong Kong, traveling brings adventures and
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