Limitations of IT Governance

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IT Governance Introduction IT governance is a part of enterprise governance, and is defined as a process that ensures that the organizations IT sustains and extends the capabilities of the organization thus ensuring the delivery of the expected benefits seamlessly and ensures the long term success of the firm. The general IT system is an amalgamation of many subsystems. Information technology governance is being considered an integral part of corporate governance. IT governance is now a part of the national governance requirements and this impact has been gradual and debated and adapted over many decades. (Cater-Steel, 2009) The impact of information technology--IT has been speculated upon for quite some time. Now there is a definite established relationship between IT and organizational structure. The importance of IT is because it helps companies remain competitive and also they can have better processing ability of information. The most effective use of IT can then be achieved only by a strong organizational structure. The organizational structure can affect the effectiveness of the use of Information Technology. The structure of the organization also includes the routines and learning capabilities and adaptation to the changing roles in the work place and information processing. (Earl, 1988) The major goal is to integrate 'Information Systems/Information Technology' with the corporate strategy to use information for better governance and management. This has
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