Limitations of Marketing

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There are various theories in regards to marketing and the techniques used out of the various techniques different businesses choose different theories to take on board which depends on the culture and traditions of business. Factors such as legislation and ethical morals might also affect how a business might use market techniques.

The following are some of the techniques:

Growth strategies
Igor Ansoff created one of best-known descriptions of the strategies available for growing a business in 1957. He identified four categories for growth.

Market Penetration: a Market is group of customers who may purchase a product, so for example if Apple were producing Apps for the iPhone or iPod their market would be anybody who owned an
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Their primary aims are to provide competitive yet valued cars to the world’s motor industry.

Every year they aim to bring out a new product which will shake the thoughts and influence the minds of mid-aged drivers to buy their product.

Brand awareness
Nearly all businesses will attempt to showcase their brand and make sure they are their customers are fully aware of the product.

Apple iPhone: Apple will always make sure they are making familiar their products to the new and younger generations at the same time increasing the brand awareness. The iPhone is unique in the market which resembles no other product although many other companies have unsuccessfully tried to embed certain features of the Apple design.

As the product becomes so much the trend in our society, people will seek the product more and refer to the product by the company’s name rather than the product code etc. Apple iPhone can be considered a brand of its own within the company.

Jaguar car – F-type: Due to the reputation of the firm the general public already refer to the cars by the company name rather than the product name because it provides such lead in that particular market area.

Jaguar has inevitably tried and at several cases accomplished to increase the brand awareness. For example during 2009 the company had used a very uncommon (at the time) campaign to raise the brand awareness which was they had themed airports and
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