Limited Liability Partnership Agreement Is Made And Entered Into Effective

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LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT BLOOM, LO, WOO, LLP THIS LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT is made and entered into effective July 7, 2015, by and among: Elliot Lo, Petunia Woo, and Stephen Bloom (collectively referred to in this agreement as the "Members"). In consideration of the covenants and agreements herein contained, the Partners agree as follows: SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Formation and Purpose The Partnership will be formed, effective July 7, 2015, by the filing of a limited partnership declaration pursuant to the Partnerships Act (Ontario), which is referred to as “ACT”, to carry on the business, for the purposes of profit, of providing legal services permitted within the scope of Ontario paralegal practice. 1.2 Name The name of the partnership will be Bloom, Lo, Woo, LLP, which is further referred to as “LLP” or “Partnership”. 1.3 Office The principal place of carrying out business in this Partnership will be: 123 Sesame Street Toronto, Ontario M3R 1T4 1.4 Commencement and Term The Partnership commences upon filing of this partnership declaration and will carry on for an indefinite period of time, unless terminated due to any reason listed out in this agreement or dissolved with the written consent of at least 80% of all the Members of this Partnership. Admitting a new member will not dissolve this partnership. The resignation, withdrawal, or termination of a Member will not dissolve this partnership. 1.5 Names and addresses of Members
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