Limited Regulations Of The Fda On Cosmetics

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Limited regulations of The FDA on cosmetics On a regular basis, consumers like you and I buy items everyday not knowing the total chemicals that are in them. We trust that cosmetic products we buy everyday will be safe, but there are ingredients in our daily products that could or has caused conditions that we don’t know of. In 1820, the very first meeting the U.S had gathered physicians to create regulations on drugs in the United States. The general purpose of The FDA was to have a standard on the drugs that were being imported into the United States. It wasn’t until 1848 the Drug Importation Act was passed by Congress. It required U.S. Customs Service inspection to stop entry of adulterated drugs from overseas. In the middle of 1906, 58 years later the food and drugs act was passed. The original Food and Drugs Act was passed by Congress on June 30 and signed by President Theodore Roosevelt. It prohibits interstate commerce in misbranded and adulterated foods, drinks and drugs (FDA). Since 1906, there has been thousands of billed passed to have restrictions, regulations and standards of on the drugs. According to the FDA the daily products, such as mouthwash, we use are considered drugs. In 1937 a new and updated billed was passed to replace the original 1906 Food and Drugs Act. There were many cases which cosmetic products where being used that caused dieses and health issued to the United States citizens. A cosmetic product called “Lash lure”, which was an eyelash…
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