Limiting A Student 's Capabilities

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Alex Loureiro

Michelle Christopherson

English 101 T, Th 2:20-3:45

9 February 2016

Limiting a Student’s Capabilities

Education is supposed to mold and guide a student. Not confine a student’s mind and limit a student from what he or she can do or learn. In the writings of “Hidden Intellectualism,” by Gerald Graff, Graff writes about the limits that are put on students throughout their educational experiences. Graff states, “People think of someone with poor grades, but with “street smarts” is a complete waste”(Pg.264). And that someone who is intelligent, but does not show it in the classroom is not actually intelligent. Graff explains throughout his writings that “high schools and colleges are at fault for missing the
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People throughout their own educational career should not have walls put up on the side of their minds and limit them in what they can or cannot learn throughout their educational experience.

Graff also states the limits that high schools and colleges put on students. Graff also argues that students are at full awareness when the students are learning something that interests the students. “Schools and colleges are missing out on the opportunity when they do not encourage students to take on their own non academic interests as objects of study,” according to Graff (Pg.270). Graff also uses his own personal experiences throughout his writings. He argues that sports magazines helped him out throughout his education. By reading sports magazines, it helped Graff develop “arguments, was of challenging, debate, problems for analysis, and intricate statistics,” according to Graff (Pg.265). The limits and boundaries that are put on students need to be lifted off. Students need to be able to explore and find their own intellectualism. Although boundaries and limits are put on students to guide them, it limits the student’s intellectualism and confines the student’s mind and the student’s capability to learn.

All across the country, students are confined and limited in what the students can and cannot learn. The boundaries that are placed on students limits the student’s ability to learn in a
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