Limiting Beliefs

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Overcoming limiting beliefs and lack of confidence in women
Self development is the ability of a real woman to take on any task with unwavering confidence. As a woman, you are not living life to the fullest because of your lack of confidence to reach for your goals.
Self confidence has to do with our mindset and your mindset determines your happiness in life. Self confidence is our own attitude towards ourselves, our beliefs in what we are capable of and also, based on the way we see the world. Although some of these beliefs are enabling and practical, others limit our potential. Therefore if you are not where you desire to be in your life, whether physically, romantically, emotionally or financially, the chances are that a basic, deeply ingrained negative belief is limiting your progress.
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As is the case with all beliefs, whether positive or negative, a limiting belief started off as a single thought in your mind in reaction to a certain event, what some people told you or the society as a whole. This thought was often repeated enough until it was accepted as an unrestricted "fact" by your unconscious mind.
For instance, limiting beliefs or lack of confidence may be reflected in our parenting lifestyle. As a woman, it may be impossible to nurture in your children what you do not have and feel inside about yourself. Although you may even decide to take action and read some motivational books on winning parenting, if you really want to get to the heart of the matter, taking a look internally for answers is the key to self development, and overcoming your limiting beliefs and lack of confidence is the fundamental step to
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