Limiting The Speed Of The Vehicles Running On The Road

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Chapter 1 Project Introduction 1.1 Problem Summary The project is for limiting the speed of the vehicles running on the road. In day to day life people ride their vehicles at very high speed without caring for the speed limit fixed by the government for the particular road on which they are travelling. This gives rise to huge number of accidents. The whole control system consists of frequency receiver, speed sensing element, microcontroller and some modification in wiring with relay which is described above. On every road, some speed limit is already decided by the government which should be strictly followed by the vehicle’s driver. The limited speeds may be 20 kilometer per hour, 40 kilometer per hour, 60 kilometer per hour, 80 kilometer per hour or any other speed limit. The number of speeds to be limited may be any as per government decision. For every speed limit an unique frequency will be allotted. The frequency transmitters will be placed at certain interval of distance so that the whole road is covered with the frequency being transmitted and the circuit can receive the frequency. Suppose the maximum speed allowed on the road is X kilometer per hour then on this road F1 frequency will be transmitted. Whenever the frequency receiver receives this F1 frequency, then it will send a signal to the microcontroller and this signal will be compared with the signal received from the speed sensing element which shows the speed of the vehicle. Suppose the signal from speed
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