Limonene Lab Report

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Natural Products and AlkenesFelicia George O-chem 237- Red 11/7/17 For this lab is to isolate examples of two types of natural products terpenes and acetogenic. The properties of these two natural products will also be studied. For this experiment to happen a steam distillation and extraction of a weak organic acid will be used to isolate two natural products (limarene & eugenol) classification test will be used to provide the evidence for some functionality present in these structures. Limonene has a pleasant scent, its water-insoluble oil that's found in many plants (Organic Chemistry Experiment 2017). Limonene is spotted in concentrations in the range to 9700ppm which is 0.97% by weight in peels of citrus fruits (Organic Chemistry Experiment2017). For this lab Limonene was obtained by the steam distillation of orange peels and dichloromethane extraction of the orange peel. For eugenol a spicy- smelling phenol which is the main constituent of oil of cloves (Organic Chemistry Experiment 2017). Eugenol is widely used as dental analgesic, that's the smell of the dentist office. For this lab, eugenol will be obtained by a base extraction of clove oil. Isolation of Eugenol: To start the experiment dichloromethane was extracted from 20ml of dichloromethane of clove oil by using two 15ml portions of 3M NaOH. Water was added to make the layers separate from each other. Dichloromethane was at the bottom and the aqueous on top. Then the aqueous layers were combined and 6M

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