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How many times have you driven past a limousine on the freeway and peered over to see what the travelers were celebrating? Most people have rented a limousine for very special, once-in-a-lifetime occasions, but once they are done, or until they happen, a limousine rental can sometimes seem like an unnecessarily extravagant expense.

There are many times, though, that renting a limousine, party bus, or high-end vehicle be an affordable solution to any of your transportation situations. Party Bus Limo Tampa Bay has a wide variety of every type of vehicle, with professional chauffeurs and above-and-beyond customer service
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From a romantic dinner in downtown Tampa Bay to a night of enjoying the sights of the city, our limousines have a variety of amenity options that make your anniversary as memorable and magical as the day you got married.

If you’re planning a surprise party for your parents, renting a limousine to pick them up and bring them to the anniversary celebration can add a special touch to the most important people in your life. Our courteous drivers accommodating, our vehicles are comfortable and safe, and our prices are affordable.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Whether you have 3 or 30 attendants, renting a vehicle for your final single night of fun with your friends can make a special night even better. Our limousines and party buses include a variety of amenities that will take your party to a new level. We’ll make sure everyone gets safely between party spots and sites, with a festive added
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Renting a limousine of vehicle to get out on the town can add a fun and unique touch to your night out. Enjoy being able to spend time with your friends instead of spending time sitting in traffic.

Airport Limousine Service
Getting to the airport can be a hassle. We understand. That’s why we provide comprehensive, high-quality airport limo services. Instead of paying to leave your car parked in the airport’s parking lot, you can keep it safely locked up at home, while our drivers get you to and from the airport with enough time to catch your flight. Once you arrive in Tampa, you can bypass the lines of people trying to catch a taxi, and get in the Party Bus Limo Tampa Bay vehicle that’s waiting for you. When we pick you up, we’ll have beverages and snacks to help stave off traveling hunger.

A Limousine for your Wine Tasting Trips
Drinking and driving is always a bad idea — which is why renting a vehicle for your wine tasting trip can help you enjoy the day even more. With so many wonderful wineries creating delicious drinks, like Florida’s specialty citrus wines, take a day to explore these local treasures with your friends and family. We’ll help you arrange an itinerary that makes sense. You’ll have time at your favorite spots to enjoy the atmosphere and drinks, and we’ll be there to help you safely enjoy your
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