Lin Chen Chang, An Interview With A Scholarship Committee

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An Analysis of Case Study # 1, Lu Chen Chang is in an interview with a scholarship committee. The case study is an example of interpersonal communication concepts and relative theories. To start, here is some background information on the case study, Lu Chen Chang, is a student who is under consideration for a scholarship. During the committee interview process, Lu Chen explains her reasoning for need financial assistance for college. Her father recently suffered from a stroke and is unable to support her financially. As the interview process continues, she explains that she does have a part time job, but she is unwillingly enclosed details about said job and simply replies, “I’d rather not say”. This arises many questions and assumptions from the committee. It is soon found out that Lu Chen works as a counter girl at a local McDonald’s restaurant. Additionally, based off the background information, Lu Chen has already begun to create intimacy by self-disclosing information the committee may not know about her already. “Self-disclosure is often viewed as a voluntary action, but there is less agreement about ‘what’ people disclose or do not disclose.” (Derlega, Mathews, Morrow, 2006, p.85) Also, she exhibits saving face and conflict avoidance when she does not disclose information about where specifically she is employed. The scholarship committee perplexed by her omission, has already begun to make assumptions of her employment, including her wage earnings, and if she

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