Lincoln And Ava Duvernay: Film Analysis

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The film Lincoln and Ava Duvernay documentary 13th were heavily based on the United States Constitution 13th amendment. The passing of this amendment abolish slavery. Therefore, with this amendment African Americans were free. The film Lincoln highlighted the process that was taken in order for the 13th amendment to be adopted and ratified into the United States Constitution. Meanwhile, Duvernay documentary brought light that although African Americans were free due to 13th amendment, they had endured obstacles throughout history as well as in the present. These obstacles include racism, segregation, and mass incarceration. So, although African Americans are “free” society have created a new meaning of the word “slavery”. While watching this…show more content…
I believe that it sets the premise for the documentary 13th. African Americans are said to be slaves again because of the justice system. The film acknowledges the many legal policies that targeted African America thus creating the "slave like" mentality. Laws like the war on drugs, three strike, and truth in sentencing were behind the rapid increase of the prison population. Slavery was considered an economic system in the south and it is present in today prison. The rate of mass incarceration has led to an economic system due to housing inmate by filling up beds or in Arizona where prisons were housing immigrants. There is also the idea of inmates in private prison making products for big companies. This mentality was brought up in 13 where the punishment for certain crimes like drugs or other offense were higher for African Americans then white. And the consequences given would stripped African Americans from voting, from obtaining a job, federal aid and housing. So, this relationship can be seen back then when the democrats wanted to prevent it from happening. Now there is prevention not through racism but through
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