Lincoln County Man Of The Year Essay

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Lincoln County Man of the Year Pastor Dale Pederson exemplifies all qualities and qualifications that our Lincoln County Man of the Year should. He has served as the Pastor at Cedar Grove Lutheran Church in Vale, North Carolina for over 30 years. Not only has he been an asset to his congregation, but also a true blessing to the entire Lincoln County community. Pastor Dale practice what he preaches each and everyday. He is always the first one there and the last one to leave on Sundays or at any other church event. He coordinates work night and service projects often at his church. You will always find him going above and beyond his call of duty, doing things like: Waxing, moping and sweeping the floors of the our parish hall, cutting the grass,…show more content…
He is a 24-hour on call minister. He sets a wonderful example of giving to others; through various things he does each year. He provides transportation to doctor’s appointments to not only members of his church, but others outside of our congregation who need it, regardless of the distance. He is “Santa Clause” for the foster children of Lincoln County, Christian Ministries Christmas food/toy distribution, as well as at the Lutheran home of Salisbury, and where he has served for over 30 years. He is a partner with the communities in schools, and acts as a mentor at West Lincoln Middle School. He also serves at a proctor during exams at many schools in Lincoln County. He’s is very involved at North Brook Elementary School where he has served as the president for the PTA, and also prearranged and maintained a secret Santa shop there. He also organizes the community Lenten services each year. He has played a part in planning a pottery show to raise money in order to build a new and larger library on the western end of the county. He often preforms wedding and funerals for nonmembers in need throughout the community. In addition to all these great things, he also makes many home and hospital visits weekly to people in our
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