Lincoln Electric Company Case Study

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Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study by Arthur Sharplin is an eye-opening exposition on the inner workings of such a successful organization.
Many times, when the general public hears of a successful company, they normally focus on the product, the impact on society and the numbers.
But to have an insight on how a company reached its current level of success explicates what it takes to maintain a high level of consistency.
Although I understand that the policies and plans that are implemented in one company might not work for another company, however, this case study gives great insight and ideas based on actual results that have stood the test of time.
Through my reading, I learned that Lincoln Electric Company’s culture is the nucleus of its operation. Its culture has helped shape and dictate its policies and views towards its employees, customers and shareholders.
There are different viewpoints regarding level of importance when it comes to a company’s focus or attention. To some, they believe that the interest of the shareholders must come first. However, at the Lincoln Electric Company, they believe that the customer’s interests needed to come first. “If fulfilling customer needs is the desired goal of business, then employee performance and productivity are the means by which this goal can best be achieved.”
James Lincoln believed that with this mindset, the shareholders would reap the benefits of increased profitability due to performance and productivity.
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