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Lincoln Review


The movie Lincoln, directed by the infamous Steven Spielberg, is based on the life of Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which would abolish slavery completely. With the assumption that the Civil War would end in one month, however, Abraham feels it it is imperative to pass the amendment by the end of January, thus removing any possibility that slaves who have already been freed may be re-enslaved. Radical Republicans believe the amendment will be defeated, due to the support of it not being completely assured, since they prioritize the issue of ending the war. Even if all of them are ultimately brought on board, the
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Since those members also will soon be in need of employment and Lincoln will have many federal jobs to fill as he begins his second term, he sees this as a tool he can use to his advantage. Though Lincoln and Seward are unwilling to offer direct monetary bribes to the Democrats, they authorize other agents to quietly go about contacting Democratic congressmen with offers of federal jobs in exchange for their voting in favor of the amendment. All though it was very dry at times, and could easily be classified as a uninteresting political movie about America’s most important historical moments, I enjoyed the film overall. Instead of focusing the movie on the life of Abraham Lincoln, it does focus on his passionate leadership in the final four months of his presidency. I soon began to sweat and clench my fists as the month of January continued in the movie, time crunching down and down as the Republican agents tried to gain more and more Democratic favor on the passing of the amendment. It felt like a fast-paced, parkour chase. I felt Lincoln wasn’t completely politically minded, constantly telling stories to many men and women who he comes in contact with, seeming humble and wise, always trying to give perspective with the moral of the story.
Once the votes were tallied, and the amendment passed, my friend and I couldn’t help but stand up and throw a fist into the air, feeling fulfilled just as Lincoln felt hearing the bells of

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