Lincoln The Movie Essay

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The 2012 historical drama entitled Lincoln highlights the significant occurrences throughout Abraham Lincoln’s presidency preluding to the passing of the thirteenth amendment and subsequently, his death in April of 1865. The film emphasizes the hardships and perseverance of African Americans in the 19th century as they struggled for their freedom and civil liberty. Abraham Lincoln’s persistence toward working to get the thirteenth amendment passed, which was one of his greatest achievements as president, is the primary driving force in which the film portrays the events’ historical significance. The film demonstrates the difficulties that Lincoln, his family, his advisors, and his supporters go through as they push to gain more support to…show more content…
This shows the cruelty of what came out of the Civil War, and how it truly tore the nation apart. A very powerful scene takes place soon after the opening. It starts out with Lincoln sitting in what seems to be a large Union Camp. At the camp, there were two African American soldiers and two white soldiers (03:53). This scene is powerful because the two white soldiers try to recite the Gettysburg Address, but forget the end. After the two white soldiers and one of the African American soldiers leave, the one remaining finishes the address. This shows how passionate the black soldiers were about earning their freedom. The following scenes focus on Lincoln pushing to get the thirteenth amendment passed. In the movie, Lincoln believes that if the thirteenth amendment is passed, that Willington Port will fall, resulting in the falling of Richmond and the eventual end of the war. A major scene in the movie is when the House of Representatives meet for the first time to discuss the amendment (53:43). Nearly all of the democratic representatives oppose the amendment, which foreshadows the possible outcome of the final vote. Following this, Lincoln gradually gains democratic support even though Grant believes Lincoln can end the war by negotiating with the
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