Lincoln Top Hat

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“The Man With the Top Hat” Do you know the man with the top hat? Abraham lincoln was the great man with the top hat.First of all, he is was a great 16 president. Secondly, he signed the emancipation proclamation.Third of all the emancipation proclamation that Abraham Lincoln signed helped stop slavery.I think that Abraham LIncoln was a great president because he was able to stop slavery and make the slave’s life great. Do you think that Abraham lincoln was a great president. To begin with, before Abraham became a president and ended slavery he had to go through a early life like everyone else. First of all, Abraham lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. To add on,He was born on February 12, 1809 in an log cabin in the south of Hodgenville, Hardin county, Kentucky. Abraham lincoln had a bad part of his early life because his brother died.To explain, “ His brother died soon after birth at the Knob Creek Place”( As he was growing up he was known as honest Abe because he never told a lie. To conclude, Abraham Lincoln’s was like a roller coaster because it had ups and downs.…show more content…
Lincoln had a great campaign that he beat his opponent. After that he was elected president. To explain, “Lincoln received not quite 40 percent of popular vote, but he carried 180 out of 303 electoral votes”( This was good because he was able to help a lot of people after that. After he won the elections he became the 16 president of the United States Of America. “Abraham Lincoln became the 16 president using the emancipation of Proclamation.”( That was pretty smart. Too sum it up Abraham lincoln was an great president because he was able to help a lot of
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