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Lincoln and His Generals Book Review Lincoln and His Generals is a book by Thomas Williams that focuses on the Civil War as being the first modern war and the way President Lincoln lead his divided nation during this dark historic time. Williams introduces the Union army as one that has no shape to it. This includes the lack of any plan of attack, as the thought of war had not been converted into any type of scheme. The armies lacked organization and communication, and existing generals were old and incompetent. The first task that Lincoln had was the immediate selection of Generals. Lincoln's selection process was sometimes based on political and personal grounds, and he was in the position of selecting from a pool of generals…show more content…
Williams shows us that Lincoln never hesitated in making difficult decisions based on results. Lincoln's people skills are clearly established in Williams’s writings. Lincoln seems keen at applying pressure as well as giving his generals a free hand when necessary. Williams shows that Lincoln's patience does wear thin when there are no early victories and the lack of aggressiveness on the Union side. Williams shows a gradual transformation on Lincoln's selection process. Initially each general was selected on characteristics such as battle experience and political backing. As the enemy holds out and there is inaction, Lincoln starts to doubt the ability of his generals and starts to seek generals who can win without excuses. Williams describes the pressure that is placed on Lincoln. The union government and the public were questioning the inactivity of McClellan and his troops. Lincoln was willing to absorb most of this pressure but eventually seeks answers to the same questions. Williams shows the desperate side of Lincoln. Lincoln starts to recklessly allow attack plans that he did not always agree with, just because he was desperate to see action from McClellan. Williams indicates that Lincoln is a misunderstood man through the eyes of his Generals. His chief general McClellan thought little of him and had doubts about Lincoln early on. Union Generals sometimes failed at getting
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