Lincoln by Steven Spielberg

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(1. How does this film relate the material to this course?) As we are currently going over the 19th century discussing slavery and the civil war, the movie deals directly with president Abraham Lincoln and his attempt to abolish slavery indefinitely through the act of the 13th amendment leading up to his inevitable assignation by John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor and confederate spy having never served with the confederate army. (2. What did you learn from the movie you did not already know?) There were many intriguing parts, being interested in the Civil War, that the film shined a light on, that I had never taken interest into before. I never realized that while Lincoln was pushing for ending slavery first and foremost it seemed he and his contemporaries debated diligently the pros and cons of choosing to first end slavery or ending the war. While Lincoln was gaining and losing votes citizens took the approach to look at the situation that if African Americans are giving the right then women will be next and so on causing controversy on when it will end. (3. Were there any inaccuracies in the film?) I found the film very accurate in part but at the beginning of the movie I recalled back to something we have talked about in class that does not correlate properly…
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