Lincoln's Self Reflection

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It was definitely, the neighborhood I’d remember seeing Lafayette during his trip to America in the time of 1825. Other personally scene, and hearings various years afterward, with the presences of significant individuals were welcomed during the visit that created an indescribable anthropoid roar that was like no other heard around the universe—with rejoice coming all from all directions of the shouting audience. Though, not a sound was heard in this audience occasion. With the calm, but unusual appearance Mr. Lincoln had standing there with his hands behind his back, he began observing the crowd. Observing the crowed of faces with a look of curiosity, shortly after that similar look of curiosity was given right back to him. That moment was an unstable scenery between intenseness, and laughter. Subsequently following the thought of certain individuals lurking a weapon hidden around their body, to break this audience into a riot.…show more content…
Mr. Lincoln, with a moderate pace, began disappearing in the in broad entrance of the Astor House, with unknown individual’s by his side—that was when the tongue-tied show came to an end. 4 years following that day, I saw Lincoln much more. The unusual look Lincoln had before, changed to a more proper look to match his presidency scene. Sitting on the omnibus, gave me a good opportunity to explore, and see all the aspects of the man’s standing right in front me, who will have an important purpose in our future. A known event, an event we dislike hearing about occurred during Mr. Lincoln’s presidency. An upraise in the North caused a 4-year war to be present. Nothing but bad was occurring, the war was taking a lot of our nation. As a nation, we fall, and rise together; this was one of those event where we all
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