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Linda Hill teaches Business Administration. She is a professor at Harvard Business School. She is considered an expert in the art and the practice of leading the innovation. In this short video, Linda Hill has discussed the management of the collective creativity. In her discussion, she pushes for the collective creativity as for the problem solving rather than attempting to prove who was at right position as compared to the other. Also, she explains the reason why the great leadership is not exactly what leads to innovation. Instead, the innovation leads the great leadership.
Linda Hill has presented a new approach to the leadership in her little description. She studied the 16 leaders of innovation inside the twelve different countries. Linda shared her experience of that journey of twelve countries. She also shared what he learned from different leaders of different countries, and she shared her journey of the problem-solving collaboration in this video. She has given a few examples from her life as well. Some of the major examples that she has mentioned in that talk included when she studied how Pixar produced their movies and how Google became able to solve the problems utilizing the collective creativity instead of attempting to compete.
The topic can be applied to the part 3 of the textbook. The part 3 of the textbook includes the Innovation
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Innovation is the new and useful thing as it can be considered as a product or a service. It can also be considered as a method of organizing. Linda believes that innovation can be breakthrough or incremental. What we commonly believe is that the heart of innovation is the paradox. The organization needs to unleash the passion and talent of the people they need to harness them into the useful work. Innovation is a journey of collaborative problem solving among the people having significant points of views and
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