Linda Holmes Television 2015

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Television is one of the newest, fastest growing forms of entertainment to come along in the last one-hundred years. While many argue that the rapid expansion of this genre has caused an increase in lower quality programs (or too much television), others believe that this event is part of the development to coincide with its new audience. Two such articles address different opinions on this issue. Linda Holmes, author of “Television 2015: Is There Really Too Much TV?”, published her article under the popular culture section on NPR’s website. Holmes’s opinion surrounds the premise that due to an immense growth in television programming, it has resulted in a multitude of lesser quality shows. While she agrees that this volume of shows is an undertaking for any individual to watch, Holmes argues it is impossible for a single genre to have too much content. …show more content…

Club website. He states that while there is a new landscape of television emerging, it is not necessarily a good or bad thing. VanDerWerff describes that because each generation thinks they are superior to the one before it, the format of television is changing to become more personalized to each viewer (hence, the growth television programs). These two articles, similar in message and views, attempt to sway the readers to form similar opinions as the authors. Although Holmes and VanDerWerff both write about the effects of television on certain time periods, VanDerWerff’s article is more convincing due to his effectiveness in acknowledging the audience, valid credibility, and logical reasoning within his

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